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Září 2006

Stria pattern

18. září 2006 v 13:52 | Kačenka |  Evidence
Lines or ridges on the undersurface of a fingernail that, when compared with that of a fingernail fragment, can lead to identification of a victim or prepetrator months after the crime occured.
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Subclavian artery

18. září 2006 v 13:48 | Kačenka |  Evidence
Sends blood to the neck, arms, spinal cord and brain; arises from the brachiocephalic trunk on the right and the aorta arch on the left; passes underneath the clavicle and is continuous with the axillary artery.
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Subdural hemorrhage

18. září 2006 v 13:46 | Kačenka |  Evidence
A collection of blood that lies beneath the outer covering (the dura) of the brain and the brain's surface.
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Subgaleal hemorrhage

18. září 2006 v 13:43 | Kačenka |  Evidence
Bleeding between the skull and scalp.
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18. září 2006 v 13:42 | Kačenka |  Evidence
Opiod 700-1000 times more potent than morhpine. Once administered, peak effect occurs after 4-10 minutes and lasts approximately 15 minutes, making sufentanil beneficial when a relatively brief duration of action is called for.
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Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)

18. září 2006 v 13:40 | Kačenka |  Evidence
Colorless and highly corrosive mineral acid. Also known as oil of vitriol.
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Sulfuryl fluoride

18. září 2006 v 13:38 | Kačenka |  Evidence
Poisonous gas used in fumigation.
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