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Srpen 2006

Tabletop fume hood

21. srpna 2006 v 17:37 | Kačenka |  Tools
Used for extractions or other evidence handling to eliminate fumes and prevent cross-contamination.

Tabletop fuming chamber

21. srpna 2006 v 17:36 | Kačenka |  Tools
Sealable compartment, sized to rest on a table, used for cyanoacrylate fuming.
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21. srpna 2006 v 17:35 | Kačenka |  Tools
Instrument that measures breaking load, length, and extension.
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Thermal imaging camera

21. srpna 2006 v 17:35 | Kačenka |  Tools
Uses thermal signatures rather than light to create a photo or a video.
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21. srpna 2006 v 17:34 | Kačenka |  Tools
Device that amplifies DNA.
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Thin-layer chromatography

21. srpna 2006 v 17:33 | Kačenka |  Tools
Simple and rapid chromatographic technique that separates organic compounds.
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Trajectory rod

21. srpna 2006 v 17:29 | Kačenka |  Tools
Inserted into a wound or hole to determine trajectory of the weapon or projectile.
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Tread Assistant (TM)

21. srpna 2006 v 17:28 | Kačenka |  Tools
Database containing more than 10.000 photographs of tread patterns covering North America and international vehicles and motocycles from 1990-2001.
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TriggerFish (TM)

21. srpna 2006 v 17:26 | Kačenka |  Tools
Allows detection and continuous monitoring of a moving or stationary cellular phone conversation.
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21. srpna 2006 v 17:25 | Kačenka |  Tools
Measures how the middle ear responds to sound waves and pressure.
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Ultraviolet camera

21. srpna 2006 v 17:24 | Kačenka |  Tools
Records the reflection and absorption of ultraviolet (UV) light by the subject matter. Used to photograph skin reveal bruises or bite marks not otherwise visible.
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Ultraviolet light (UV light)

21. srpna 2006 v 17:22 | Kačenka |  Tools
Light-like radiation beyond the violet end of the visible spectrum, with wavelengths shorter than those of visible light but longer than those of X rays. Used to detect substances otherwise invisible.
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21. srpna 2006 v 17:20 | Kačenka |  Tools
Provides detailed radiographic images of large objects; often used to examine contens of large vehicles and cargo containers.
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Vacuum metal deposition chamber

21. srpna 2006 v 17:19 | Kačenka |  Tools
Used to condense gold and zinc onto a sample to reveal old or otherwise hidden fingerprints, especially on smooth, non-porous surfaces.
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21. srpna 2006 v 17:15 | Kačenka |  Tools
Violent Crime Apprehension Program: An FBI-sponzored national data collection that tracks the elements of violent crimes (especially murder) to identify modus operandi and signatures of the perpetrators.
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Video spectral comparator

21. srpna 2006 v 17:13 | Kačenka |  Tools
Uses different light wavelengths and filters to reveal otherwise invisible marks on documents, including writing and holographs, among other things.
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Vinyl depth markers

21. srpna 2006 v 17:11 | Kačenka |  Tools
Vinyl tissue depth markers act as a guide to the contours of the face to allow forensic artists to reconstruct the facial features of a body.
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Vinyl polysiloxane

21. srpna 2006 v 17:09 | Kačenka |  Tools
Quick-setting material used to cast impressions at a crime scene or in a forensic laboratory.
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21. srpna 2006 v 17:08 | Kačenka |  Tools
Machine used to mix or separate a sample into components via centrifugal force.
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VSC 200 ™

21. srpna 2006 v 17:07 | Kačenka |  Tools
High resolution, multi-functional workstation for examining questioned documents.
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