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Warrick Brown

30. června 2006 v 20:34 | Kačenka |  Characters
Warrick Brown is the only member of the CSI team born and raised in Las Vegas. To this day, Warrick has never met his father. His mother passed away when he was seven, leaving him in the care of his maternal grandmother. He grew up in a sctrict household, and that means he kept his teenage job as a runner secret from his grandmother. Waarick was quite literally born to live in Vegas. He loves the casinos, loves the action, loves the pulse of the city. He can move just as easily through the Clark County Courthouse as he can through the Sportsbook at Hard Rock. To left off stream, he DJ's at clubs run by his friends and writes his own songs. Spending his whole life in Las Vegas means Warrick knows at least one person in every bar, club and hotel in the city. He's connected, and he uses those connections to move between his worlds. He went through a lot of women in his early twenties, but the first time he fell in love, the woman broke his heart. He now looks at women with a cautious eye. Warrick knows how all the games are played in Las Vegas and is aware of the universal truth of the city: the only one who wins consistently is the house, because the odds are stacked. Warrick's got enough of a rebel in him to challenge those odds, and enough of a realist in him, so he'll cut his losses to fight again another day if need be.
Warrick's specialty is audio/video analysis.
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1 Maggie_Simpson Maggie_Simpson | 1. července 2006 v 14:52 | Reagovat

Bože můj, Warrick je kus pořádnýho Američana :)))))

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