The Evidence Does Not Lie!!!!

Greg Sanders

28. června 2006 v 19:26 | Kačenka |  Characters
Ever since he picked up his forst amateur chemistry kit when he was seven, Greg Sanders has wanted to be a scientist. Even though he was told that science was supposed to be a hobby for the pasty-faced and romantically-challenged, that did not dissuade him from joining the Science Club in high school, nor from majoring in Chemistry in college. He had always balanced lab work with athletics, studiyng with flirting, and computer work dating. Addicted to the pursuit of knowledge, Greg has been on a quest to learn all he can about the scintific breakthroughs of the past centuries. And discovering and naming a brand-new theory or element after himself wouldn't hurt, either.
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1 andy/szamanda andy/szamanda | 11. října 2006 v 17:17 | Reagovat

Eric is the best!!!!He is very beautiful just fantastical!!!=)

2 charlotte71 charlotte71 | Web | 3. ledna 2007 v 16:56 | Reagovat

Caute mrknite aj na moj blog. Najdete tam o hudbe spevakoch, kapelach, wallpapery, sutaze, ankety amonoho ineho......budem rada ak mi napistete aj do komentarov svoje tipy a nazory a napisat co vam na mojom blogu chyba a chceli by ste aby to tam bolo=)) vopred dakujem

3 charlotte71 charlotte71 | Web | 3. ledna 2007 v 17:00 | Reagovat

Hi, please look at my blog too. I´ve got here everything about music, singres, bands, wallpapers with CSI, competitions and so on...... i´ll be so glad if you´ll write me your opinions and tips and write me what you miss in my blog amd what you want to have here....thanks=))

4 Jateer Jateer | E-mail | 1. června 2007 v 14:00 | Reagovat

ju, pekny, neco v aj na czeskym blogu =D V zahlavi ti na konci chybi esko. paaacko

5 Jateer Jateer | 10. srpna 2007 v 23:16 | Reagovat

sorry, zkonila jsem to, mas to good ;)

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