The Evidence Does Not Lie!!!!

Catherine Willows

28. června 2006 v 19:15 | Kačenka |  Characters
Catherine Willows was born on a ranch in western Montana. she was the eldest daughter of fourth-generation ranchers, but the rural life was never for her. Catherine could ride before she could walk, but horses were always for taking her away from work. She left home the first time as a sixteen-year old. She lived in Seattle for a year with her would-be rock-star boyfriend, eking out a living as a waitress. When he left her for an older woman, she went home, only to find home wasn't there anymore. Her parents had been forced to sell their ranch and had moved to town. They made it clear that Catherine was on her own. The next stop for Catherine was Las Vegas. She waited tables until she discovered a much more lucrative line of work: exotic dancing. The men loved her, and money poured in. Catherine spent it all on school and on the aspiring career of her music-producing boyfriend, Eddie. Dating turned to engagement, which turned to marriage. When their turbulent relationship ended, Ediie left her with ten dollars in the bank, a coke habit and a small child, Lindsey.Catherine pulled it together for her own sake and for the sake of her daugther. She didn't become a CSI because she wanted to right the wrongs of the world; she became a CSI because it makes her feel like a kid solving the puzzles. She loves the challnege, and she loves the buzz of working a case. It's a high for her, and anything that makes Catherine feel as good as she does can't be all bad.
Catherine's specialty is blood spatter analysis.
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